Proteo 2 – Strong Systemic Enzymes: Healthy Recovery & Immune Support

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• Healthy and quick recovery from exercise
• Maintain the health of your joints
• Digest high protein meals, bars, and shakes effectively
• All even more effectively than the original Proteo!

What are proteolytic enzymes? Enzymes are biological molecules that are involved in almost every process of the body, making reactions to life happen. Proteolytic enzymes function specifically to facilitate the breakdown of protein bonds. When taken through supplementation, these enzymes are absorbed intact to circulate throughout the body for full-body support of everyday activity.

More powerful than the original Proteo, Proteo 2 is here to make your exercise recovery go even better. With a powerful proteolytic enzyme supplement like Proteo 2, you can recover quickly and gain more benefits from each individual workout.

Key ingredients in Proteo 2:

Lysozyme – a naturally occurring enzyme that attacks the cell walls of bacteria.*
Catalase – an immune-enhancing, antioxidant enzyme.*
Lactoferrin – stimulates the immune system, and demonstrates significant bacteriostatic and bactericidal activity.*
Serrapeptase, bromelain, and papain – powerful protease enzymes that support a healthy response to inflammation.*

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