3 Lip Balms (Best Deal)

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• Protects against harsh weather
• Heals and soothes dry, chapped lips
• Moisturizes and hydrates lips, giving them an overall healthier look

Our whole flower CBD-infused lip balms not only hydrate and heal lips, but they can also offer protection from harsh elements as well. Because they are infused with the entire cannabis flower, they can work quicker and even better than other lip products because CBD offers anti-inflammatory properties and great pain relief.

Key ingredients in 3 Lip Balms:

Organic Whole Flower Hemp CBD – is anti-inflammatory and healing, may also offer soothing effects.

Organic Beeswax – a natural moisturizer, that can help treat chapped and cracked lips.

Kokum Butter – easily absorbed and doesn’t clog pores and can also help heal.


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