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Meet the Doc!

We’re excited to welcome the one and only Dr. Nuzum to our Culture FOR GOOD team!

As a Naturopathic Doctor holding multiple Master’s Degrees in natural and tribal medicine – it’s not superise that he is our Chief Science Officer!

He’s been featured on many interviews as well as part of the Truth About Cancer Documentry.

Keep an eye and ear out for more coming from brilliant man.

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At Culture FOR GOOD, we belive you were designed to live far above the status quo. That your life engaged, passionate and connected. When you feel your best, you live your best.

Michele Rooney
At 46 years old, my skin now tends to be drier. I’ve tried many different oils, lotions and creams. I am especially impressed at how silky, rich, light and luxurious the Anti Aging Moisturizing CBD Cream feels on my face. I’m also sensitive to scents and was delighted to open the jar to such a pleasant scent. The Anti Aging Under Eye Serum absorbed quickly and had an immediate brightening effect. A little goes a long way. Supporting our courageous military personnel as they transition from active duty to civilian life is a cause that is near and dear to my heart. Thank you, Culture for Good, for your exceptional products and for honoring those who serve our country.
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Jenny Scholl
I love the CBD Complete Self-Care Bundle! I use the sleep spray, eye cream and the moisturizer as part of my nightly routine which has improved my sleep and my skin. The moisturizer is light and works great for both my face and my hands. I’ve used the charcoal CBD as both a mask to remove toxins and as a scrub when I’m shorter on time and it leaves my face feeling so smooth and vibrant. The pain cream is also amazing,I use it more sparingly as it’s so good I don’t want to waste it – it’s like magic when I have a sore muscle or tension in my body. It’s great to be able to support a company that has solid values and also a high quality product. I love having it as party of my daily routine.
Love & Light,

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Megan S.
Must have for fitness gurus
As a fitness fanatic living in Cardiff by the Sea, I have tried several different CBD topical crèmes on display a different shops and yoga studios around town, but none of them compare to Culture for Good’s pain crème. I recently joined a new local gym called Hardcore fitness that focuses their workouts on circuit and weightlifting classes. I had tweaked my back one day during a workout and thought it was just sore from getting used to these high-intensity workouts every single day.I took a few days off from the gym and went to get 2 massages in one weekend and I still was in quite a bit of pain. I wasn’t able to sleep through the night and it was uncomfortable sitting at my desk all day. It wasn’t until a good friend shared with me some of the Pain crème that I actually saw some improvement. I just put a small amount on before bed and the icy/hot feel immediately soothed my back. I used it sparingly every night for the next couple of days and a few times at work when I would be sitting for a few hours. In about a week my lower back pain was completely gone! The crème also smells amazing and isn’t greasy like some CBD creams. I have been raving about this crème non-stop at my gym and is a must have for anyone that exercises at least 5 times a week! Although it is only a 1 oz size, it has lasted me quite a while and it is definitely worth the price!!
With gratitude,

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Ways to Consume CBD

Ways to Consume CBD

As CBD rises in popularity, more people seek to give it a try. With such a versatile amount of products, newcomers may feel a bit intimidated.

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