Culture for Good CBD is a health and wellness company that strives for greatness and excellence in everything we do. It’s our intention to cater to the unique health needs of individuals and provide them with alternative options for pain, anxiety, beauty and sleep. We believe in the best which is why we only source high-quality products that are distributed with doctor recommended dosages. All of our products are safe, organic, non-GMO and vegan with the utmost attention to quality.

This venture, in collaboration with some of the biggest CBD brands, doctors and naturopathic practitioners. Our products are available online for convenience and will soon be in natural product markets near you!

Our goal is to make our CBD products easily and readily accessible to millions of people in need. One of our beneficiaries will be The Honor Foundationa non-profit in which proceeds from every product sold will supply veterans and heros with the CBD products that will best serve them.

We thank you for choosing Culture for Good and look forward to serving you!

Culture FOR GOOD is dedicated to 3 things :

  • Providing the highest quality CBD products to nourish your skin, improve your sleep, help you feel great about how you look and feel.
  • Becoming your trusted source for wellness through CBD. We do not believe in one size fits all remedies for anyone, and we’ll wholeheartedly recommend what’s best for you in your wellness journey through videos, audios and blog posts - even if it’s not our product!
  • Creating a culture where people feel loved, happy with how they look and feel, and living life like the grand adventure it’s meant to be.

At Culture FOR GOOD, we believe you were designed to live far above the status quo. That your life is meant to be an adventure where you’re engaged, passionate and connected. When you feel your best, you live your best.

David Steel
Founder & CEO
David is the Founder and CEO of Culture For Good, a health and wellness company that markets and distributes products that cater to the unique needs of individuals. Launching in December 2018, this new venture is a culmination of work with some of the biggest CBD brands, medical doctors, veterinarians, dispensaries and naturopathic practitioners. The products will be available online in natural food markets and convenience stores in the United States and abroad. 

David brings over 30 years of leadership experience in business, technology and social impact ventures. He designed and managed the entire information network for the City of Escondido, for which he was the recipient of the prestigious Smithsonian Institute Award for the use of technology in city government.

Prior to founding Culture for Good, David successfully leveraged his expertise in LinkedIn to provide strategic marketing support to businesses. His company EveryoneLinked, worked with large organizations and entrepreneurs to best optimize their use of LinkedIn for branding, lead and revenue generation. David created one of the largest CBD Groups on LinkedIn.

David created the Bitcoins and Blockchain Group within The Greatness Foundation. The group brings visionaries and leaders to mastermind, share knowledge, exchange ideas in solving some of the biggest global challenges using Blockchain.

A strong believer in empowering businesses achieve the triple bottom line advantage – economic, environmental, and social sustainability, David founded the US Green Chamber of Commerce. As Founder and CEO, he led the organization in its commitment to teaching sustainable business practices for all companies.

Additionally, David is a founding board member of Conscious Humanity, a 501c3 committed to spreading peace and personal empowerment. He also sat on the Board for the San Diego Entrepreneurs Organization and Seaside Church. He currently presides as Director of The Greatness Foundation, Better Planet Paper Co-Op and the Soul Charter School in Encinitas, CA.

Dr. Daniel Nuzum
Chief Formulator



Dr. Daniel Nuzum

Dr. Nuzum is a seasoned and dedicated medical professional with proven expertise and demonstrated success as a Doctor of Osteopathy, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Doctor of Indigenous Medicine, and a Doctor of Natural Medicine, and a researcher and formulator for Dr. Nuzum’s Nutraceuticals.

He received his license to practice natural medicine at the age of 20, becoming the youngest licensed naturopath in U.S. history at that time. A pioneer in the industry and an expert in Naturopathic medicine with immense field-work experience, substantial research contributions, and significant private practice experience in which he has treated more than 15,000 patients throughout his dynamic and comprehensive career, Dr. Nuzum exceeds what it means to be an industry leading practitioner. His path has taken him outside of the country for work on many occasions. In Mexico, he worked in numerous cities and towns with different tribes. He has also served as a professor, sharing his knowledge by traveling throughout North America, South America and the Caribbean.

Dr. Nuzum uses CBD in his practice as an holistic approach to supporting and balancing the systems that fight diseases and inflammation. As quality and purity of the products he uses in his treatments are of upmost importance to him, he could not be more thrilled than to join the Culture for Good team.

Each and every day, Dr. Nuzum strives to better himself and his practice, either through his spirituality, academic rigor, or professional applications. As a dedicated physician, he remains committed to continuing on his path towards developing new and innovative natural medical treatments for his patients. However, throughout nearly everything he does as a professional, an academic, and a theologian, Dr. Nuzum remains steadfast in his dedication to advancing the field of medicine and adding the benefits of naturopathic medicine all throughout his approach, so that he can continue to offer his patients exceptional medical services and treatments.

Dr. Amber Krogsrud
Naturopathic Doctor
Brand Ambassador



Dr. Amber Krogsrud

Dr. Amber is a licensed naturopathic doctor trained in traditional family practice medicine with emphasis on whole person, preventative care. She graduated from Bastyr University, a world renowned medical university for evidence-based, patient centered, alternative health care.

Dr. Amber completed an advanced course in IV (intravenous) therapy from Bastyr University Seattle. She also took additional classes in prolotherapy and PRP regenerative medicine techniques. To give back of her knowledge, she also serves as a Professional Teachers Assistant at Bastyr University teaching IV therapy classes to students.

Dr. Amber uses a unique, personalized medicine approach with her patients. She views each patient as a whole person rather than a set of symptoms and diagnoses. The human body has an innate ability to heal itself when given the right circumstances. Dr. Amber uses a blend of naturopathic treatments to facilitate robust health including nutritional counseling, targeted supplementation, detoxification, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, intramuscular injections, and intravenous (IV) therapy. She welcomes men and women of all ages into her practice. Dr. Amber has a passion for teaching and takes her time to ensure that each patient fully understands her approach and treatment plans.

Dr. Amber is committed to truly listening to your health concerns and desired goals. Your story matters and the way in which you want to be supported in regaining health is valued. Her goal is to help you to find the best way to not just suppress the symptoms you are experiencing but to cure the underlying cause, reclaim your life, and find true health: mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Kirsten Asher
Head of Creative + Partnerships

Kirsten Asher

Coming from a world of creativity and self expression as a dancer, former stuntwoman and community curator for women, Kirsten knows first hand how important it is to treat your body and mind with kindness. Through hosting retreats and workshops based in human optimization through mind-body connection, she found CBD to be a solution for sleep, pain and anxiety. With more and more scientific studies supporting the vast capabilities of CBD, she started up a path of curiosity and eventually found Culture For Good. 

Using her experience and ability to build relationships, excellent customer service, open communication, supporting and developing teams along with a keen eye for detail, she joined Culture For Good as the Creative Director and Affiliate Manager. 

Kirsten is passionate about creating a world in which we can all prosper and live up to our greatest potential. She started HUNTRESSCoterie to incubate and support women entrepreneurs. She also started “it’s possible” podcast – sharing her philosophy that possibilities are endless when you align and activate yourself through practicality and mindfulness. 

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