Proteo – Proteolytic Enzyme


• Promote healthy athletic and exercise recovery
• Maintain healthy joints and support healthy recovery times
• Support the digestion of high protein meals, shakes and bars

A healthy inflammatory response to daily activities and athletic exertion is part of your healthy immune system. This response keeps the body in homeostasis in other words… in balance, so you don’t skip a beat to enjoy your active lifestyle. This healthy response is occurring all the time, whether you feel it on the outside or not, as this occurs internally.

What are proteolytic enzymes? Enzymes are biological molecules that are involved in almost every process of the body, making reactions for life happen. Proteolytic enzymes function specifically to facilitate the breakdown of protein bonds. When taken through supplementation, these enzymes are absorbed intact to circulate throughout the body for a full-body support of everyday activity.

Key ingredients in Proteo:

Protease – supports healthy athletic recovery and the healthy breakdown of fibrin

Bromelain – derived from the pineapple supports a healthy anti-inflammatory response

Serrapeptase – supports a healthy anti-inflammatory response


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