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Say Hello to Effortless Digestion!

With Culture For Good’s Flo, enjoy each meal without worries of digestion discomfort, transforming everyday eating into a joyful experience.




Over 3,000 bottles sold!


Great Health Starts in the Gut

Easy to Use

Slip Flo into your daily routine without hassle, making every meal a worry-free delight.

Digestive Support

Flo provides notable digestive aid, turning uneasy eating experiences into enjoyable occasions.


Enjoy dairy products anew with Flo's unique enzyme blend that helps break down lactose effortlessly.

Nutrient Maximizing

Unlock full nutritional potential from your food with Flo, enhancing your overall wellbeing and energy levels.

All-Natural Ingredients

With Culture For Good's Enzyme and Gut Blend, gain peace of mind knowing you're fueling your body with nature's finest.

Regular Bowel Movements

Bid goodbye to irregularities and discomfort, and welcome healthier bowel movements with Flo in your corner.


“I never knew when food is cooked or processed, the heat and other treatments can cause denaturation of the naturally occurring enzymes in food, rendering them inactive or less effective. I feel healthier after using Flo to supplement enzymes and it makes me feel better knowing that I have optimal nutrition absorption when eating.”

Elizabeth H.

Meet Flo:

Your Digestive Power Duo Wrapped in One Capsule.

Uniquely formulated with a powerful Enzyme Blend and a nourishing Gut Blend, Flo by Culture for Good offers you the dual benefits of improved digestion and optimal gut health. Enjoy the comfort of easy digestion paired with healthy bowel movements. Say hello to freedom in eating and goodbye to digestive discomforts!

Double Action, Single Capsule. Better Health Begins Here!



Over 31,8000 bottles sold!

With Flo, you’re not just eating – you’re fueling your body efficiently so that every meal is an opportunity for better wellbeing. Flo gives your body the backup it needs to break down and absorb nutrients from food more easily. Our powerful enzyme blend works to effectively process carbohydrates, proteins and fats. And guess what? You even get extra support for digesting dairy. So, that ice cream you love? It’s back on the menu!

The secret power behind Flo lies in its unique Enzyme and Gut Blends. You’ll find amylase working on those pastas and breads; protease and peptidase tackling meats, nuts, beans, and seeds; lipase targeting fats in your oils and meats—all to help you digest your foods optimally. Meanwhile, the Gut Blend introduces important ingredients and good guy bacteria that work together to keep your digestive health in check.

Incorporating Flo into your routine is as easy as can be. Simply take it with any cooked meal for optimal nutrient absorption. You don’t need to worry about forgetting refrigeration or calculating certain time frames before eating. Life gets busy enough on its own! Just enjoy your meals as usual with Flo as your digestion helper (be it breakfast bagels or that steak dinner), and feel the difference inside out.

Why People Are Loving Flo

People are falling in love with Flo for its simple yet powerful benefits. It’s not just about smoother digestion and fewer discomforts, it’s about freedom. Freedom to enjoy meals without worrying about after-effects. Less bloating, more energy – that’s the Flo effect!

April H.


“Best stuff I’ve tried for my digestive health! Since taking FLO I’m so regular and I feel great! Thanks for all you do Sean & TY!”

Breanne W.


“Love this stuff! Take it with every cooked meal, I can eat ice cream again! Woooohooo!!”

Domenique P.


“Love Love Love Flo!! Been using it for years as a daily enzyme to help breakdown the food I eat.”

Michelle R.


“As someone who suffered from Acid Reflux, this has been an absolute game changer for me! 3 years acid reflux free since I started taking FLO.”

Meet the dynamic duo behind Culture For Good

Sean & Ty

Sean & Tylene Loomer, the passionate founders of Culture For Good, are staunch advocates for holistic health. They’ve dedicated their lives to harnessing nature’s finest ingredients, creating high-quality health supplements. Committed to empowering others to be their own health advocates, they’ve formed a community bound by the shared pursuit of sustainable and healthy living.

Our Guarantee

Culture For Good believes in making every meal an enjoyable experience. They stand by the quality of their products and are committed to ensuring your satisfaction. If you aren’t satisfied with Flo, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.




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