Myst Whole Flower Spray

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Culture For Good’s Whole Flower CBD Sprayer uses a precise metered dose of CBD. The water-soluble droplets are less than 50 microns in diameter which enables a quick and reliable oral delivery of active ingredients into the bloodstream and nervous system.  This Whole Flower CBD activates your endocannabinoid system, which can have an effect on healing time, inflammation and pain.

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Our convenient spray has a great cinnamon flavor and provides over a months supply inside each tube!

CBD Oral Spray: Recommended dosage 1-2 Sprays, 2-3 times a day.
Or as recommended by a doctor.

Whole Flower CBD, Purified Water, Glycerin, Bioflavonoids (Rose Hips), Natural Fructose, Sodium, Bicarbonate, Potassium Sorbate, Stevia.

9 reviews for Myst Whole Flower Spray

  1. James M. (verified owner)

    For crazy college life de-stressing before exams and class is essential. Myst has been so effective at helping my fraternity brothers and my friends relieve stress in a way that keeps the mind clear to be productive! I use two sprays before bed and two sprays before test or presentations to calm myself and clear my mind.

  2. Susan O. (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with the cream and am so glad I found Culture.

  3. Joanne K. (verified owner)

    It is great. I love taking the CBD oil twice a day. It is so easy and tastes good.

  4. Tamara K. (verified owner)

    This is like no other CBD oil I have tried and I have tried MANY.

  5. Paula D. (verified owner)

    This is my first time ever trying CBD. This has a great taste and real easy to use. I have not noticed a difference using it but I know that my body is very different than most. I also know that it takes time and consistency to see/feel changes. I do believe this is a good product and look forward to my continued use.

  6. Rita C. (verified owner)

    The CBD helps me with anxiety issues

  7. Katherine H. (verified owner)

    After watching Dr.Nuzum’s interview I decided to order this product not really knowing how it could help me with my imbalances ,and it took me a couple of emails with Kirsten reassuring me of the quality and benefits..I’ve been taking with my water pumping 2 sprays into it and I was surprise what did for me! I totally appreciate culture for good for the excellency of this product!

  8. Helen K. (verified owner)

    I’m finding almost immediately a more energized physical well-being that already eases my fatigue to shorter spells and enlivens me. I’m ready to purchase more. Thanks, Helen T Kock

  9. Tamara H. (verified owner)

    I just got my first shipment yesterday. The customer device has been great, my products came very quickly and the packaging is very nice and sturdy. So far so good!

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