Real – High Potency Vitamin C from Acerola Cherries

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• Supports healthy connective tissue
• Supports a healthy immune system and promotes healthy healing
• Aids in the absorption of iron

Ascorbic acid is not the same as Vitamin C found in food. Are you shocked? We were. Most of the vitamin C supplements on the market are made with isolated ascorbic acid made synthetically in a laboratory. This form of vitamin C is NOT the same as vitamin C from food. Real is a chewable wafer containing high potency vitamin C from Acerola cherry in a blend of black currant fruit, orange fruit, grapefruit juice and citrus bioflavonoids – a natural vitamin C with phytonutrients.

Key ingredients in Real:

Acerola Cherry Fruit – Extremely rich in Vitamin C and also an antioxidant. Can help boost the immune system.

Black Currant Fruit – High in Vitamin C and also an antioxidant. Helps your body to better fight infection and viruses.

Orange and Grapefruit – These citruses are also antioxidants and packed full of Vitamin C. They can help protect and revitalize the skin.


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