Oh – pH Drops

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• Disinfects through oxidation
• Rapidly inactivates most microorganisms
• Has a variety of uses

Oh is a sodium chlorite 2.5% solution in pure water – a precursor to chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide is primarily used as a disinfectant through oxidation and has been reported to rapidly inactivate most microorganisms over a wide pH range. Oh is a very flexible product, with multiple ways you can take advantage of its disinfecting powers. Our suggested uses can get you started with your bottle of Oh!

Suggested Uses:

Internal use, add 8 drops in 4 ounces of water

As a mouthwash, add 8 drops in 4 ounces of water

External/Topical use, add 1 drop to 20 ounces of water

Vegetable wash, a dropper to 16 ounces of water

NOTE: Always dilute with water before use. Use only three weeks at a time.


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