Logjam- Mild Colon Cleanse & Repair


• Mild colon cleansing
• Support healthy detoxification and intestinal environment
• No irritant or stimulants

Logjam is a well-rounded formulation supporting three areas for healthy colon function:
Regular Movements – Logjam combines digestible and non-digestible fibers like psyllium and pectin to “brush” the intestinal walls and cleanses the walls of the intestines and binds toxins for safe removal.
Safe Removal of Toxins – In addition to fiber binding to toxins, the superfood Chlorella was added to Logjam to support cleansing. This small single-cell organism binds to heavy metals and other toxic pollutants to be expelled safely by the body.
Healthy Intestinal Lining – The functional integrity of the intestinal lining relates to its proliferation and cellular turnover. Logjam offers a patented form of glutamine that fuels the intestinal lining.

Key ingredients in Logjam:

Chlorella – A superfood that supports the cleansing of the colon by binding to heavy metals and other toxins to expel them safely from the body.

Magnesium Glycyl Glutamine – The only patented, stabilized version of the key nutrient glutamine which helps which has major benefits to overall gut health.

Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice Root (DGL) – Supports the healthy lining and removal of mucus, but also can help heal ulcers, treat digestive concerns, aid nausea and gastric upset.


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