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FDA Regulation of Hemp and CBD | Culture For Good

With federal legalization of hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) now comes the government’s responsibility to regulate this new and ever-changing industry. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is accountable for two important assets that will determine the future of this plant:

  • Public Health – devising regulations that ensure the public is safe from receiving toxic chemicals through cannabidiol or hemp.
  • Balancing the Market – making sure cannabidiol and hemp are properly regulated through every legal farm and business.

This is not an easy task and, if not met properly, can end the industry as we see it thriving today. This article is going to review the FDA’s preparations as well as informing you on what YOU can do to make sure this industry still has a promising chance.

Complications in Regulating Hemp/CBD

The FDA faces one big difficulty when it comes to hemp. The variety of cannabinoids found within it (including CBD) are known for their versatile pharmaceutical utilization. Though research concerning hemp and different illnesses (from cancer to inflammation) is in the early stages, there’s enough evidence to continue research.¹

However, this research comes at a cost. And in order for CBD to be applied to a specific illness – for example, in order to have the legal right to prescribe CBD for anxiety – the FDA must gather enough research on each specific illness.

This is where much difficulty lies in regulating this cannabis plant in comparison to other natural medicines. Truth be told, other natural medicines just don’t need as much ground to cover.

Potential Loss of CBD Hemp-Extract

Since cannabidiol doesn’t have a set of regulations under FDA guidelines, there is a possibility we could lose the CBD industry as we see it today. In fact, the FDA even made a statement concerning this. Their reasoning is “hemp extract” wasn’t a supplement when rules concerning supplements were made before 1994.²

This claim by the FDA can lead to two devastating results:

  1. CBD and hemp extract will become outright illegal again.
  2. Prices for CBD and hemp extract will skyrocket.

It comes as no surprise that people are fighting against this. Those at Project CBD went to an FDA hearing on the matter and claimed, “CBD is a non-toxic, non-intoxicating, non-habit-forming neuroprotective antioxidant. What’s not to like? Given CBD’s intrinsic safety and many potential benefits, it should be legally available without a prescription.”³

We tip our hats to those at Project CBD. But now it’s time for us to take our stance in the matter.

What Can We Do?

In order to ensure you and others can continue to receive CBD for a reasonable price, it’s vital you reach out to the FDA. Until July 2nd, they are accepting comments about the situation through their website.

We suggest writing a letter about your personal experience with CBD/hemp and following that with why you believe it should remain legal. In a case as such, our voices hold all the power.

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